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1About us
Alentejo hosting is a trade name of Alentejo Webdesign, a privately owned company and develop, build, host and maintain websites for private individuals and companies. Our responsive websites fits any screen, are user friendly for both site visitors and owners. We are specialized in Website building, Design, Optimization (SEO), Branding, Premium Hosting, WordPress & Server Management.
2We speak human
Not everyone speaks code And we get that. We use language you can understand and our solutions are simple, friendly, easy to understand, and effective.We love what we do. It’s that simple.
3Our Mission
We believe in our hard work and we also believe that the ethics and values which we have stuck to as a company for the last eight years, will take us to the top as the best and most affordable managed hosting & server management company.
4Why us?
Every business is unique and has different goals, as it should be. We are in the business of customization. Your websites or software applications should be a reflection of you.

We offer customer-oriented, managed, secured & fast hosting..

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